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Wired Chase Series

Looking for something different? Here is the perfect powder board. This board was designed to stay on top of deep stuff. We are always chasing the powder.

Shape: Directional Powder  
Flex: Medium-Stiff
Camber: Multi Camber
Terrain: All Mountain / Powder / Back Country
Artwork Options: Graphic, Black, White, Custom.
Made: Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Wired Snowboards comes with a 3 Year Limited Warranty.

Custom Orders: Are made in Canada and Take 1 - 2 Weeks.

Free Shipping in North America
Very limited quantities.

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TopSheet Artwork


The Chase Series comes with a multi camber and offers a negative core profile. We CnC a thinner zone between the bindings that results in a more playful ride.


01 - TopSheet: Glossy PBT. We do not add toxic lacquer for these boards.

02 - Top Fibreglass: Biaxial fiberglass.

03 - Inserts: Stainless Steel.

04 - Sidewall: We use state of the art Urethane that runs the whole perimeter of the wood core for a perfect bond. Urethane is extremely damp and makes for a better overall ride.

05 - Entropy Resins: Entropy Resins makes thermoset epoxy systems for a new generation of products. Products that not only perform, but also take a crucial step towards lowering our impact on the environment.

06 - Woodcore: Full length Canadian Aspen wood core.

07 - Carbon Beams: We added 2 beams to help with strength while adding tail pop.

08 - Bottom Fibreglass: Biaxial fiberglass.

09 - Rubber Dampening: Rubber foil between the edge and fibreglass helps with bonding. It also helps with over all board chattering.

10 - Edge: Rockwell 48.

11 - Base Material: Sintered IS 7500. Super durable and fast base material. Die-cut Flip Flop Artwork. White base is shown.