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How to design your own custom snowboard graphics

Designing your own custom snowboard graphics can be an exciting and creative process. At Wired Snowboards, we believe that your snowboard should not only perform exceptionally well on the mountain, but also be an extension of your personal style and preferences. Here are some tips to help you design your own custom snowboard graphics.

wired custom snowboard design examples

Example of custom snowboards designed by our amazing customers.

1. Start with a concept

Before you start designing, it's important to have a concept or theme in mind. This can be anything from a favorite color scheme or pattern to a specific image or design. Take some time to brainstorm and gather inspiration from sources such as magazines, websites, or your favorite artists.

2. Consider the board shape and size

The shape and size of your snowboard can also influence your graphic design. A larger board may offer more space for intricate designs, while a narrower board may require a more streamlined approach. Think about the overall shape and dimensions of your board when planning your design.

Wired's Custom boards page.

3. Choose your color palette

Your color palette can set the tone for your entire design. Choose colors that complement each other and reflect your personal style. Consider using bold and vibrant colors for a high-impact design, or muted tones for a more subtle look.

4. Sketch it out

Once you have your concept, board shape, and color palette in mind, it's time to start sketching. You can use traditional pencil and paper or digital tools such as Photoshop or Illustrator to create your design. Start with rough sketches and refine your design as you go.

Download the right series and size template for your design
Wired's Dropbox

5. Get feedback

It's always helpful to get feedback from others as you work on your design. Show your sketches to friends, family, or colleagues for input and suggestions. Consider their feedback and use it to refine your design.

6. Submit your design

Once you're happy with your design, it's time to submit it to us for production. At Wired Snowboards, we offer sublimation process for the top and bases. Our team will work with you to ensure that your design is printed with the highest quality and accuracy. Designing your own custom snowboard graphics can be a fun and rewarding experience. At Wired Snowboards, we're dedicated to helping you create a snowboard that's truly unique and reflects your personal style. So, start brainstorming and let your creativity flow!

Given that file sizes can often exceed manageable limits, various transfer services such as Dropbox, WeTransfer, and Google Drive can be utilized to facilitate the transfer of said files.

7. Lastly

If you are not good with computers or design we can help you with that. We can use photos, drawings, paintings whatever really. Once you send me some images, drawing and design ideas I start putting everything together and send you board mockup. Once you sign off on the mockup we start building the board. This service is included in the price.

Once the designed is singed off that is when the production time Starts.

(Please note all production times are approximate as each snowboard is handmade, this time frame doesn't apply to bulk orders)

Custom Top Sheet Snowboard production time
Regular production approx. 12-15 business days.

Custom Top and Base Snowboard production time
Regular production approx. 15-25 business days.

Shipping approx. 3-10 business days.

Bulk/ White label orders.
Yes we offer bulk orders. It can take  between 90-140 days from payment or graphic approval.

If you have anymore questions don’t hesitate to email.

Another example of a customers design.

Wired custom snowboard design by a customer

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