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BeaverWax Partnership

We proudly use Beaver Wax for all our Vancouver factory-built snowboards since day one. The made in Canada boards come with factory wax. Its good for your first few rides right out of the bag. We always recommend waxing for the conditions and the right temperature.

Here is a little bit more about Beaver Wax

BeaverWax was created in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, in a local candle factory. Later moving to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Matt Turner understood the process and future developments of snow wax and wanted to create a wax that was more environmentally sustainable without compromising performance. 

An innovative wax containing environmentally friendly additives and the unique hand poured manufacturing process that is done in small amounts, ensures that each bar of wax stays consistent with the right amount of additives.

Today, award winning BeaverWax is regarded as one of the finest qualities of wax on the market. It has set new standards for the recreational wax industry and continues to improve the quality for its environmental sustainability.

Along with its snow waxes and accessories, BeaverWax has added a collection of 4 freshly scented hockey stick waxes along with a unique candle line to keep life smelling dam good.

All waxes are made and poured in Canada.

Please go over and check out their wax.

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